"God will link the broken chain as one by one we meet again"

Teevan Families


Welcome to the Teevan Families website, a project to link together as many Teevan(s), Teeven(s), Teevin(s), Teven(s) family trees as possible.

Most, if not all, Teevan (etc) families throughout the English speaking countries have their roots in either Cavan or Fermanagh, neighbouring counties in Ireland. As with all genealogy research you will inevitably hit the brick wall shortly after tracing your line back to Ireland. This website, and the accompanying book, has as its aim a collaborative effort to centralise what little info there is on this rare surname and the families who bear it.

Although I have periodically updated my research over the past few years, it would not have been possible without the help of so many Teevan's throughout the world who have kindly shared their information, memories, stories and photos with me. To all who have helped so far, thank you, and to those who would like to get involved, please feel free to email me.

Privacy: This website lists people born at least 100 years ago. No photos are added to the website but they do appear in the book which I wrote a few years ago. While I have no immediate plans to update the book I expect I will do so at some point, so I would be grateful for any more info or especially any old photos which you come across. Please feel free to email any info or files to me, provided that you're happy for them to be shared.

This website was last updated in January 2012.



Table of Contents
Scotland: All
Scotland (main line 1): Cavan to Lanarkshire
Scotland (main line 2): Fermanagh to Stirling
England: Lancashire
England: Middlesex / London
Cavan Teevan's
Fermanagh Teevan's
Dublin Teevan's
Canada: Fitzroy / Carleton, Ontario
Canada: Toronto, Ontario
Canada: Lindsay / Victoria, Ontario
Canada: Bath, Ontario
USA: Connecticut
USA: Illinois
USA: Maine
USA: Maryland
USA: Massachusetts
USA: Michigan
USA: New Jersey
USA: New York
USA: Ohio
USA: Oregon
USA: Pennsylvania
USA: Wisconsin



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